Coach Rob’s Halloween Games

Halloween Games    

When Emily asked me to write up this blog post, I was super excited as this hit home for me.

See, when I was growing up I lived on a farm in the middle of nowhere. Why is this relevant to Halloween? Well during Halloween I couldn’t do the main celebration which was trick or treating at different houses because no one lived near us. That means Halloween could be very boring at times with nowhere to go. However me, Mum, Dad, and little brother Brian, came together and decided to invent some Halloween themed games so we could have our own fun. This was probably the greatest idea that came up into this household as now we play these games annually and competitively. 

We start our games off by making an individual team name for instance:

  •  Fangs but no Fangs 
  • Vampire state building 
  • Zom-B-Goodwin
  • Monster mash potato
  • Mummy ache 
  • What do I wear-wolf 

This is always a great factor to the game because whoever comes up with the best team name gets a point.

Now for the game.

  1. The game opens up with Thriller by Micheal Jackson as a bucket filled with apples and water gets put into the middle of a living room (with a towel underneath the bucket, it gets messy!).
  2. Each team has their own baskets in hand and have to collect the apples using only their mouths.
  3. The player/team with the most apples in their basket wins and if you want to make it extra saucy you can add a forfeit for the losers and it could be that they don’t dry their head for the rest of the evening.

Well thanks for reading guys, if you have the same problem as I did with not being able to go trick or treating. Then you can try this one or discover many more on our October camps! 

I’ve been Coach Rob and you’ve been educated.

See you soon!


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