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Ultimate Kids

Ultimate Kids is committed to consistent quality and with a proven track record, we are confident and proud in the services we provide. We have created a premium service that you can rely on and trust.

Through the systems we have developed within Ultimate Kids, you can rest assured that we can deliver on our promises. We have designated personnel and quality assurance partners within our company infrastructure that enable us to ensure quality and continuity is maintained. This allows us to work with Schools & Nurseries for many years, even when staff change roles due to our progression opportunities within.


We are confident in our ability and the services that we deliver but, we understand that you may not be so sure just from a website page, so we encourage you to read some of our case studies and book in for a free no obligation demonstration.

Get in touch. Confirm details. We’ll do the rest.

Are you a School or Nursery?

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School FAQs

What happens if staff are sick or absent?

We have a catalogue of excellent cover coaches at hand and arrange all cover staff in house.

Are Ultimate Kids insured?

Do staff hold relevant qualifications?

What sports do ultimate kids provide?

Are the choaches first aid trained?

What is the minimum term for services?

How do you ensure quality?

What safeguarding measures do Ultimate Kids have?

What is the focus on your nursery activities?

What is your maximum number for participants in nursery sessions?