A Week to Remember: Mr. & Mrs. Ultimate Kids

This past week at Ultimate Kids has been nothing short of extraordinary! With half term approaching, the entire team has been hard at work, putting the final touches on preparations for another exciting week at camp.

As what we’d like to call ‘seasoned professionals’ in the world of Ultimate Kids Camps, we’ve perfected the art of leaflet distribution – this time, counting and delivering a whopping 15,000 leaflets to all schools in the local area! Thats a lot of leaflets, we know! But trust us, after years of experience, it’s become almost second nature – it’s always lovely being welcomed in by the local schools and catching up with how the terms been going so far!

Amidst the routine tasks to prepare for Camp, we’ve also embarked on some thrilling trial sessions with potential new coaches, engaged in productive meetings with nurseries, and even spruced up the office with new furniture to accommodate a soon-to-arrive full-time staff member. The buzz at Ultimate Kids HQ has been palpable, energy has been high and most of all we’ve been awaiting the main event…

Stealing the spotlight this week was the enchanting Tuesday afternoon, as our Director, Chris, and Wellness Coach, Olivia, took centre stage to exchange vows and celebrate their love. Their wonderful wedding took place in no other but the Lake District, with picturesque backdrops and views, there was no way Storm Jocelyn was going to get in the way. After their ceremony, a photo shoot in the rain took place capturing the true joy and authenticity of the day, followed by a gathering with family and friends afterwards to celebrate. On behalf of the whole Ultimate Kids family, we want to say a massive congratulations to Chris and Olivia, we can’t wait to see what you go onto achieve together and send you all our love and best wishes!

As we gear up for another week ahead and Camp on its way, the positive energy from Chris and Olivia’s wedding lingers in the air, creating an atmosphere of excitement and camaraderie among the team.

So, what’s next on the agenda for Ultimate Kids? As we eagerly await the arrival of our newest team member and prepare for an action-packed half term, one thing is certain – the spirit of adventure and celebration is alive and well at Ultimate Kids, making every moment count.  We’re so excited for you guys to join us soon and see what else we have in store. Stay tuned for more updates on the fantastic journey that is Ultimate Kids!


Take care everyone!


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