Staff CPD

Looking to level up your School PE programme?

Our Continuous Professional Development (CPD) service promises to deliver the ultimate upgrade by providing your school with a PE subject specialist who will collaborate with class teachers to deliver a high-quality PE programme. By providing your teachers with a subject specialist you create more opportunities for your pupils to excel by as teachers can use their class specific knowledge to provide critical support during lessons.

To begin with teachers may use lesson time to observe lessons and accustom themselves to the coaches delivery style. At Ultimate Kids we encourage learning by teaching through games to develop the understanding of key fundamental skills and movements. Furthermore, they may use this time to assess pupils individually and target specific children.

Next the aim is for Teachers to become more involved during the sessions as they become more familiar with providing hands on support. This could lead to groups being split in half to reduce participants by trusting teachers to mirror sessions lead by the coach, by reducing participants in sessions pupils will receive more attention on focus when developing their knowledge. To achieve this your teachers will be in regular communication with their designated coach who will provide weekly lesson plans detailing learning objectives, session layout and how support can be provided.

This programme aims to create an environment that challenges all pupils to maximise their potential in a subject which is crucial to encouraging our youth to participate in activities which are beneficial to their physical, mental, social and emotional well-being. To get the most out of this service we encourage schools to take advantage of our bespoke package which guarantees 1 hour of CPD every week for all staff.

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