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What School Sports do we offer?

Ultimate Kids have a rapidly growing, versatile team of coaches specialising in numerous areas of all aged sport, fitness & well being. We present schools with various pathways to include children in physical activity, our School Sport services include; PPA cover, intra school competitions, sport based interventions, behaviour management through sport, health & well-being, sports leader programme and early years physical development. Ultimate Kids view sport as tool that has the potential to enhance an individuals quality of life, our services promote a range of positive holistic outcomes, including; improved social skills, leadership and communication; better attention & focus, reduction in stress & anxiety, higher levels of physical fitness, balance & co-ordination. 

Ultimate Kids provides a wide range of school sport services designed to enhance physical education and sports provision in schools. Our comprehensive approach supports schools in delivering high-quality, engaging, and inclusive sports programmes that promote students’ physical health, well-being, and development.

Key Components of Ultimate Kids School Sport Services:

PPA Sports Cover

Our PPA sports cover service ensures that schools can maintain consistent, high-quality physical education provision during teachers’ planning, preparation, and assessment (PPA) time. Our qualified and experienced coaches deliver engaging and curriculum-aligned sports lessons, allowing teachers to focus on their core responsibilities while students continue to benefit from a well-rounded physical education experience.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Ultimate Kids offers a diverse range of extra-curricular sports activities designed to engage students outside of regular school hours. From traditional sports clubs to niche activities such as dance and archery, our extra-curricular programmes cater to a variety of interests and abilities, encouraging students to explore new sports and develop a lifelong love for physical activity.

Sports Days

We support schools in planning, organising, and delivering memorable and inclusive sports days that celebrate the achievements of all students. Our team of coaches will work closely with school staff to design and coordinate a range of fun and engaging activities that promote sportsmanship, teamwork, and school spirit.

Physical Development Programme

Our physical development programme focuses on improving students’ fundamental movement skills, physical literacy, and overall fitness levels. By incorporating a wide range of age-appropriate activities, our programme helps students build a strong foundation for lifelong physical activity and sports participation.

Staff CPD and Team Teaching

Ultimate Kids offers continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities for school staff, including team teaching workshops and in-class support. Our CPD programmes empower educators to collaborate effectively, improve their teaching skills, and create more impactful learning experiences for students in the realm of physical education.

Bespoke Sports Packages

We understand that each school has unique requirements, resources, and goals when it comes to sports provision. Our bespoke sports packages are tailored to meet the specific needs of individual schools, ensuring a seamless integration with existing curricula, facilities, and objectives.

Inclusive Sports Programmes

Ultimate Kids is committed to providing inclusive sports programmes that cater to the diverse needs and abilities of all students. Our coaches are trained to create accessible and adaptable sessions, fostering an environment where everyone feels supported and encouraged to participate and achieve their personal best.

Ultimate Kids school sport services offer a comprehensive and tailored approach to supporting schools in delivering exceptional physical education and sports experiences for their students. With a diverse range of services, including PPA cover, extra-curricular activities, sports days, and staff CPD, we are dedicated to helping schools create a positive and engaging sports culture that promotes lifelong physical activity and well-being.

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