Extra Curriculum

What range of Extra Curriculum Services do we offer?

Extra-curricular activities are essential for the holistic development of children, as they complement their academic learning by fostering social, emotional, and physical growth. Ultimate Kids is committed to providing high-quality sports coaching for extra-curricular activities in primary schools, ensuring that students have access to engaging and diverse sports programmes. Here’s how Ultimate Kids enhances extra-curricular activities in schools:

A Wide Range of Sports and Activities

Ultimate Kids offers an extensive selection of sports and physical activities to suit the interests and abilities of all children. From traditional sports like football, basketball, and rugby to more niche activities such as archery, ultimate frisbee, and dance, our coaches ensure that students can explore and develop their skills in a variety of disciplines.

Flexible Scheduling

We understand that schools have varying schedules and requirements for extra-curricular activities. Ultimate Kids works closely with schools to tailor programmes that fit seamlessly into the existing timetable, offering before-school, lunchtime, and after-school sessions to accommodate the needs of both students and teachers.

Expert Coaching

Our team of highly qualified coaches brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to each session. With relevant sports qualifications, DBS checks, and safeguarding and first aid training, our coaches are well-equipped to provide safe, engaging, and educational sports coaching that encourages skill development and instills a love for physical activity.

Inclusive and Adaptable Approach

Ultimate Kids are committed to ensuring that all students can participate in and enjoy extra-curricular sports activities. Our coaches adapt sessions to accommodate different skill levels, abilities, and needs, creating a supportive and inclusive environment where every child can thrive.

Opportunities for Inter-School Competitions

We believe that friendly competition can enhance children’s motivation and enjoyment of sports. Ultimate Kids organises inter-school competitions, giving students the opportunity to showcase their skills, make new friends, and experience the excitement of representing their school in various sports events.

Ultimate Kids’ sports coaching for extra-curricular activities in primary schools provides a valuable addition to any school’s programme, promoting physical activity, skill development, and social interaction. With a diverse range of sports, flexible scheduling, and a commitment to inclusion, Ultimate Kids is the ideal partner for schools looking to enrich their extra-curricular offerings and inspire a lifelong love for sports among their students.

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