HAF Camps

The HAF programme wants children who attend these camps to; Be safe and not to be socially isolated; Be active over the school holidays; Take part in engaging and enriching activities which support the development of character, resilience, and well-being; Eat healthily during the school holidays.

Ultimate Kids tailor their provision to be more sport and activity focussed aligning with our ethos as a company. Our dedicated team is committed to providing children with more opportunities to access various sports and be more active during the school holidays. The camp itinerary includes over 20 diverse sports, games and activities which ensures there is something for everyone to enjoy during the week. Overall, our camp provides all attendees with the opportunity to be active for up to 30 active hours over a five-day period. Furthermore, the HAF programme requires we provide attendees with one meal and snacks throughout the day. We aim to provide the children with a range of choices during the week by introducing them to foods from different cultures such as Indian, Chinese and Italian food. Ultimate Kids are actively looking to partner with local businesses who can help with our catering requirements, if you think you can help check out our support us page!