Physical Development Programme

The Ultimate Kids Physical Development Programme focusses on the development of gross motor skills through various games, sports and physical activities. Our nursery programme targets children between the ages of 2 to 4 years old. Children aged 2-3 will take part in group activities that involve running, jumping, crawling, rolling, and spinning. We like to familiarise the children with a range of equipment at this age as we in the coming, months of their development we will being to introduce more equipment in various games. Children from 3 can begin to develop a high level of competence in all their fundamental motor skills with the goal to successfully play and learn sports with confidence. It is the best window in life to learn and improve motor skills and our focus. We believe it is crucial that children are exposed to the maximum amount of movement experiences during this time span as children develop movement patterns to draw back on when taking part in new sports activities.

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